Land preparation and development

If you’re preparing land for planting or converting farmland to forestry, talk to the team at Kohntrol. We can help you identify the blocks best suited to profitable forestry, as well as preparing the land for planting and sourcing the best tree stock.

Acquiring land for forestry

Our long involvement in the local industry and community allow us to help you find the best forestry land available in the Gisborne/East Coast region. We can help you with:

  • initial property inspection and price negotiation
  • advice on appropriate species and regimes
  • preparing budgets and feasibility studies
  • preparing grant applications
  • consultation with local and regional authorities
  • consultation with Iwi
  • subdivision management
  • management of the handover from previous owners.

Preparing land for forestry

Thorough land preparation before establishing a plantation is vital to the profitability of any forest. We can organise:

  • aerial spraying
  • burn-off operations
  • vegetation clearing, desiccation and pest control
  • sourcing tree stocks and contractors
  • contracts
  • pricing
  • planting supervision including auditing trees-stock deliveries
  • quality control procedures during planting
  • release spraying by Growsafe approved contractors
  • post–plant survival counting
  • debtor and creditor control
  • health and safety management.

Weed and pest control

Pest damage is one of the major obstacles to establishing a successful forest. Possums and goats cause the most damage but sheep, cattle, deer and hares can also present challenges. We carry out regular forest pest control to keep pest numbers down.

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