Forest management

Growing trees is a long term business. When you partner with Kohntrol you have a team of forestry experts on hand to help you make the right decisions at every step of the way.


Kohntrol has nearly 30 years’ experience in successful forest establishment and tending. Any cutover will need to be prepared in the autumn before planting, to ensure  seedlings are growing well, absorbing carbon and protecting your land.

Forest audits

We are often called on to audit forest operations, including plantation establishment and silvicutural quality, volume recovery optimisation, and health and safety standards.

Forest administration

Leave the paper work to us.  We can handle contract preparation, invoicing control, debtor and creditor management, and bidder compliance.

Value optimisation in harvesting

Kohntrol can help you work out the best time to harvest logs to maximise your earnings. We can also help you decide on lump sum or pay-as-cut, at wharf or mill and free-on-board (FOB) log sales, bench marking, and costs against current industry pricing.

Public liability insurance cover

We can prepare fire, re-establishment, toppling, infrastructure, and insurance claims


What to look for in a professional forest manager

  • Economy of scale – Forest Managers who run larger operations can secure better service at lower prices from logging and transport operators.
  • Payment risks and cashflow – Choose someone who can cover set-up costs.  Planning and roading costs can be significant, even in smaller blocks.
  • Credit checks – Avoid the risk of unpaid invoices by doing a thorough credit check on any wood buyers you work with. 
  • Robust contract documentation – Make sure all production is tracked through your company’s  wood-flows system. This also keeps tight control over all debtors and creditors.