Forestry services

Kohntrol offers a full range of forestry management and harvesting services for landowners, forestry managers and investors, using the latest version software for stand record system management.  ATLAS GeoMaster enables our staff to easily manage information about your estate. It is primarily an operational tool used to plan, manage, and report on all activity within a forest. 

GeoMaster maintains a history of all events and changes in area and structure over time and all rotations, allowing changes in stocked and total area to be tracked. Through its seamless integration with GIS, GeoMaster enables our staff to perform our tasks using maps (on-screen) to ensure that areas and activities are recorded accurately. 

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Land preparation and development

We can help you identify the blocks best suited to profitable forestry, as well as preparing the land for planting and sourcing the best tree stock.
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Cost-effective silviculture, or integrated forest management, is the key to the ongoing success of your forestry investment.
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Forest harvesting

After waiting for so many years to harvest your trees you want to be sure you make the right decisions.
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Forest investment

We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve the best possible return from your investment in New Zealand forestry.
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Forest management

Ensure your forestry business succeeds long-term with our team of forest management experts on-hand to help you every step of the way. 
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