Carbon forestry

Forests are a significant store of carbon and therefore a key component in New Zealand's efforts to reduce or offset its emissions. 

As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This presents the opportunity for carbon forests to achieve long-term, quantifiable, removal and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

For forest landowners, this is recognised under New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  We can help you understand the scheme and realise the full earning potential of the forests you own, manage or invest in.

How Kohntrol can help

We can guide you through your options under the ETS and Permanent Forest Sink Initiative. We can also do the mapping and forest inventory work required to claim your carbon credits.

Kohntrol advises on:

  • project development including sourcing land, land suitability assessments, resource consent and investment approvals, forest establishment and management
  • carbon inventory assessment and valuations
  • carbon management and financial analysis 
  • compliance issues under the ETS including deforestation and carbon measurement 
  • registration of eligible forests to receive carbon credits from government
  • realising returns from carbon investment.

Independent advice
At Kohntrol we deliberately do not get involved in carbon trading, so we can remain independent and provide objective and independent advice. Contact us to get started on putting carbon to work for your business.

Carbon forestry services

Kohntrol can assist in the following ways:

Carbon scoping and feasibility studies

  • Conduct informed analysis before you invest or become registered to participate in ETS 
  • Identify potential carbon credits and liabilities under the ETS Understand the schemes available: ETS Pre-1990 (P90), ETS Post-1989 (P89), Afforestation Grants Scheme (AGS), and the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative (PFSI). 
  • Review forestry management options to maximize your credits and minimise liabilities 
  • Site specific feasibility studies and land use change options 
  • Guiding your through understanding your compulsory obligations 
  • Information transfer through seminars, presentations 

Participant registration

  • Help with the registration process for ETS 
  • Register for your allocation of units for Pre-1990 forest land 
  • Apply for exemption of your Pre-1990 forest (<50ha) into ETS 
  • Register your Post-1989 forest land for participation in ETS 
  • Prepare your forest maps (shape files) for your ETS application

Deforestation liabilities

  • Calculation and filing of your emissions returns
  • Minimise your liability over your plantations by understanding your non-declining carbon stocks

Forest Measurement Approach (FMA) for measurement of forest carbon 

  • Handle registration and submissions of data for Forest Measurement Approach with MAF
  • Conduct field establishment and measurement of sample plots 
  • Electronic data management, and in field data collection software 
  • Training and advice on the Forest Measurement Approach

What are carbon credits?
The Emissions Trading Scheme allows landowners with eligible forest of any type to earn carbon credits in return for storing carbon.
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